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Be Kind Projects…Project #4

We read Say Something by Peter Reynolds. We discussed the importance of saying something, even if its quietly. I gave them examples of my experiences, and those of my own two children. I told them about situations my children found themselves in and how they handled it. I also told them about my son who is on the Autism Spectrum and my worries about him everyday he goes to school. I showed them the list of ideas I had as well as my rough draft and final draft of my comic strip. The students started a list of their ideas and planned their comic strip showing someone being an up stander or saying something that they feel people need to know. 

After they planned it out, including drawing their characters and organizing what their characters were going to say, they got to choose a comic strip paper that would best suit their ideas. The kids were also able to create their own characters. They were able to use animals, food, super heroes , etc as long as it was an original idea. I hung up 14 different options and had the students write their names next to it. This helped me know the amount of copies I would need. I always made a couple extra, just in case.

During their next class with me the students started working on their final drafts. A few had to start over because they copied mine, and I wanted their original ideas. We also had to discuss some appropriate was to break up some physically harming someone because some kids had the hero hitting the bully. 

There are inclusion kids in these groups and most of them had their characters saying be kind, or be nice, or saying sorry. They had the concept down and I let them know that their ideas were great.