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This post was inspired by my good friend Art With Jenny K’s Words of Positive Affirmation Collaboration Poster. I love this poster. Instead of having all of my classes (K-3 = 30 classes) complete the poster, I completed the first section of each word and then hung them up.

This lead to some great discussions across all the grade levels. They were curious as to what the words were, when they were going to find out, and who colored them. I put different shades of each color that they were to use in a bag. As kids in each class finished their art projects, I would give them a piece of the poster as well as the colors that they needed to use. I left picking out the shades of each color as well as the idea of creating patterns within the pieces up to them. Each grade level has completed multiple pieces making this an across grade level collaborative poster.

As the pieces are completed I hang them up. As of right now there are still some words that aren’t completed. This has kept up the discussions and guesses at the beginning of each class. It keeps the mystery alive!

Here is where you can go to get this awesome poster!