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It’s almost time to start school again! Some are excited and some are not ready. This includes teachers, students, and parents. Everyone is feeling something about the new school year. I am excited because I am tackling a new subject ( for me) and I am excited to grow, fail, learn, succeed, and learn some more. I have already done a lot of research and have a new found understanding of how important the arts are to students learning and that the countries who emphasize the arts are the most successful when it comes to the education of children. I have also realized how important my job is to students in my district where sports and academics are emphasized. I will become the one class that students look forward to who aren’t all that into sports and who might not be that academically gifted. I take this as a huge responsibility.

With all of the emotions running around a new year take the time to identify them with your students. Talk about the importance of feeling emotions. Talk about what students can do while they are feeling these emotions and how they can help others that might be in need. One of the most important beginning of the year activities I completed with my students is an emotions journal. We go over a new emotion each day. We make anchor charts about what we do when we feel that emotion, how we react, and what we can do to make ourselves or others feel better when talking about those emotions. Students then pick what they can do when they are feeling certain emotions and keep it in their journal. They then refer to this journal as needed throughout the year until it become a habit.

I have included pictures of some of the books that I have used in the past to teach emotions. I also used clips from the movie Inside Out to help the kids talk about their emotions.