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Another important lesson at the beginning of the year is to teach students how to take chances and how to deal with frustration and failures. Most students today want instant satisfaction and success. They need to be taught that failure is Ok and how to learn from it. They need to be put in situations in which they might fail and practice how to deal with it. They need to learn how to problem solve and try again.

These lessons are helpful for each and every one of your students. Lower students need to learn how to overcome frustrations with learning and so do higher kids. In my experience my higher kids have the least amount of problem solving abilities because most things come easily to them. For example, when reading some so easily to them and they aren’t taught how to word solve when they get to books that challenge them they usually skip the words because they lack the techniques most other students are taught.

I purposely give my students things that frustrate them so that they can practice their problem solving skills in all scenarios. I have included images of some of the books I use to teach these lessons.