Woolbur is a fun story about a very unique sheep! He is unlike all of the other sheep in his herd and his parents are very worried about him. Woolbur does some crazy things and soon the others want to do the fun things that Woolbur does. In the end everyone learns that being unique is awesome!

One Book, Many Uses

The Scariest Shark by Paul Bright is a book that can be used to teach a number on concepts. You can use it to teach writing lessons: Onomatopeia The author shows voice by using bold, squiggly written words Using (est) Creating a surprise ending You can also use it to have students share things that they are scared of. The class could come up with ways to help them not be so afraid of them.


At the beginning of the year I start an emotions journal with my students. We identify the main emotions and discuss them. What do they look like, what do they feel like, how do we react to them? The students then come up with a plan to deal with the 'harder' emotions such as frustration and sadness. I use the book The Way I Feel by Janan Cain to introduce and help them understand some of the other emotions that…


The books Pig Kahuna and Pig Kahuna Pirates by Jennifer Sattler are great books to use to discuss the importance of using your imagination. The pigs take objects that they find at the beach and use their imaginations to play with them. Find some everyday objects and have your students come up with ideas as to how they could be used or played with. Then let your kids play with them and watch their imaginations soar!

The Importance of being Bored!

I hear it time and time again. Kids don't know what to do when they are bored. They are so used to instant gratification that when they aren't getting it they don't know what to do with themselves. I read Barnacle is Bored to my students. We then discuss why he is bored. After he sees something 'scary' he decides that maybe he isn't so bored after all. I have the kids come up with a plan as to what…


My favorite objective to teach in reading is inferring because it cause the students to use their critical thinking skills! Bed Hog by  Georgette Noullet is a great book to use when teaching inferring to primary students. There are limited words in the book so the students have to infer what is going on in the story by reading the pictures. At the end of the story students could design Bailey a bed of his own.


Carnivores by Adam Reynolds and Dan Santat is a super silly book about carnivores whose feeling have been hurt by the animals they prey upon. The carnivores feel misunderstood and form a support group to help them talk about their feelings and come up with solutions. They try to go vegetarian as well as trying to disguise themselves. The carnivores bring in a wise owl to help them when nothing else works. The owl reminds them that they are just…

Author/Illustrator Spotlight

Author Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri make a dynamic duo when it come to children's books! Dragons Love Tacos - Kids could create their own tacos, you could have a Taco Tuesday in your classroom. Dragons Love Tacos 2 - The sequel - There are no more tacos because of the fall out from the dragon party! They try and go back in time to save some tacos so that they can plant taco trees! You could have your students…

Girl Power!

I am truly in awe by the book She Persisted Around the World. I was introduced to women that I have never heard of and their stories. They are truly inspiring. There is also a She Persisted about 13 American Women which is just as good. I love this book for all children to learn how these women dealt with the hardships in their lives. It's also a good introduction to figures most students have never heard of for those…

Patience can be Hard

In the book Not 'Till Tomorrow Phoebe by Julie Zwillich and Denise Holmes, Phoebe gets frustrated with the word tomorrow. All the adults keep telling her that things will happen tomorrow when she wants them to happen today. Tomorrow was ruining her day. After school her mom takes her to her Grammy's house and Grammy gives her the secret as to how to turn tomorrows into todays.